Have you found a wonderful house which has a view over fields of lavender but also holes in the roof and plumbing that would fascinate an archaeologist? Or are you considering a Paris apartment with four bedrooms but only one bathroom ? Let us help you transform something promising into your dream. It doesn’t have to be a ruin – though we enjoy the challenge – sometimes just opening a new window or moving a partition can bring out unsuspected potential.

At Atelier Duval – Architectes, we provide an overview of all the problems and possibilities a building presents, from structure and plumbing to getting the best out of natural light and views or designing a kitchen that will be a pleasure to use. 25 years of architectural work in France enable us to develop creative solutions for our English speaking clients within the forest of French rules and regulations.

Once we have defined your needs and designed your project, we take care of the entire administrative process of interpreting building codes, presenting your project to the local authorities, submitting plans and obtaining building permission. We find builders and verify their estimates then we supervise all building work to ensure that the plans are followed, the right materials are used and the construction methods are correct. Finally, we verify that the builders’ invoices correspond to the work done prior to paying them and we assist you in going over the final check list of work before the building is handed over to you.

Our professional insurance as well as our years of experience in the building world guarantee that the job will be done not only in complete conformity with the building codes but also within the budget and the time frame we define with you.

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