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See Paris in a Mini-Cooper

What could be more fun than driving around Paris in a Mini Cooper. Well now there is a great new car rental agency where you can rent the adorable Mini in the color of your choice to see the sights of Paris in style. Rent one for just a day to see the most popular tourist attractions; imagine you photographed in your Mini in front of Les Deux Magots, stopping out for a coffee or for the weekend to drive up to Deauville. Choose from three models, convertible included and the best part is that “foronedayormore” will arrange to have the car delivered to you. No trying to find your way to the rental agency, the car comes to you. Talk about “at your service”.

So check their website for rates or give them a call (in English) at +33145612129, pick your dates, and the color and you’re ready to roll.

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Paris taxis become a whole lot easier.

Have you ever stood in the middle of a Paris street and tried to get a taxi but got too confused by the coded lighting system on the hood? Well those days are over. Paris taxis are now obligated to install a newer, simpler system. And it couldn’t be easier. Big red light on the roof and the taxi is occupied or reserved, big green light and the taxi is available to whisk you away to tea at Ladurée. And you may have noticed that Paris taxis are more and more often black. So not only are Paris taxis becoming easier to hail, but they are also becoming more chic!

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