Cupcakes go Paris “chic”

photo courtesy of Synie's Cupcakes

Euphrosyne Georgulas is an Anglo-Greek lawyer who suddenly decided to switch her barrister’s robe for an apron and become a pastry chef. Since then, Synie has dedicated her life to fairy cakes, as she likes to call them. “Actually it all began in the U.K. The fairy cake is a real tradition there”, she says, “It’s only when it crossed the Atlantic that it became the famous cupcake we all know of!” But Synie’s cupcakes have been given a little “French touch”, with toppings such as “caramel au beurre salé”, rose or spices… Yummy right? Come on now, don’t waste any more time and rush over to Synie’s Cupcakes tea shop in chic St. Germain des Prés. Or if you’d like to learn the fine art of cupcake making, she also gives lessons.

Synie’s Cupcakes, 23 rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006,  Tel. +33 (0)1 45 44 54 23,

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