A fun hotel comes to Paris

Located in the 5th arrondissement, near rue Mouffetard and its lively surroundings, the Seven Hotel has it all: a lounge, a bar, a wine cellar, massages on request, access for people with disabilities, laptop computer available for loan, free Wi-Fi… On top of the usual services, of course. In the rooms – named “Levitation” or “Close To The Stars” – the decoration is fun but relaxing with a mixture of blue lights and warm colors. The suites are all beautiful and very tempting, whether it is “Lovez-vous” with its round bed and amazing cow skin covered bathtub or “on/off” that looks like it has been shaped out of a cloud. Prices range from 150€ to 540€ a night.

The Seven Hotel, 20 rue Berthollet, 75005, Tel: +33 (0)1 43 31 47 52, sevenhotelparis.com

The "Levitation Under Roof" room at Seven Hotel

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